About the Artist

I grew up on the water of the Caribbean aboard a ship with my family, where my deep affinity of biological systems began. I lived surrounded by nature, the liquid light and aquatic life imprinted upon my senses. The sculptures I create emanate from my early experiences within and curiosity about the natural world. My fascination extends from coral colonies to kelp forests.

Water Bear 2019  17” x 10” x 9”

My inspiration for design is derived from the sculpture that I make in which I use hand blown glass elements. I create multicolored hollow hexagonal glass tubes which I then cut and fire polish to smooth the edges. These ‘hollow murrine’ can be combined in a variety of ways to create wearable sculpture.  As architectural elements, they are stronger bound together with fine silver or copper wire and resemble constructs from the natural world such as the ‘bones’ of coral colonies or wax in bee hives.    

I desire for my work to evoke for audiences a similar sense of wonder in our blue planet that continues to inspire me. And even, perhaps, to instill a desire to conserve our fragile aquatic ecosystems.

If you are curious, please look at my website to see my sculpture and vessel work.