In 2020, Kait expanded her philanthropy efforts to include funding arts access for all. Through monthly donations to the Hilltop Artists of Tacoma, Washington and Crafting the Future, underserved communities receive access to glass and arts education.

Kait Rhoads with Hilltop Artists at the Museum of Glass 2017

Kait With Hilltop Artists at the Museum of Glass 2017 (photo by Rozarii Lynch)

Kait remains passionately committed to marine conservation; this passion has developed over time and across many ecosystems. One part of her commitment is a focus on creating public artworks that foster an appreciation of our seas and oceans, bringing its wonder to a wider audience through experiencing immersive environments that convey the expansiveness of ocean life. 

From 2016 through 2019, Kait donated a percentage of proceeds from the Sea Stone series to Sea Doc Society and Ocean Foundation to support local and international waters. In 2019, she focused on institutions that support seaweed reforestation in the Puget Sound area. She stays abreast of environmental news, as changing temperatures in the seas have devastated marine forests, which are so necessary to the production of oxygen and our survival on this planet.